Delish! New Owners ParkLane Deli & Grille

Tom & Christine LaDore

Welcome to new members and new owners of the ParkLane Deli & Grille Christine and Tom LaDore. They are longtime Milford residents with a blended family of four children ranging in age from 6 to 24. The LaDores have worked together in the past are are glad to have the opportunity to do so again. On any given Saturday, visitors will often find the six-member family all behind the counter.

Christine's background is in purchasing, printing, trade shows and event management. Tom's is in working with operations and supply chain of major consumer product companies. There are plans to - as Christine describes it - 'add a little love' - painting, reupolstering, and adding more items to the existing popular menu.

Be sure to stop by soon to welcome them and order your breakfast or lunch.

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