Frosty Twist Delicious Addition

Frosty Twist is delicious!

The newest member to the Downtown Milford Business Association is Milford's premiere fat-free frozen yogurt and coffee shop is now a member of the Downtown Milford Business Association. They have several delicious flavors to choose from, not to mention their large variety of hot, dry, and liquid toppings. They also offer baked items such as waffles, croissants, muffins, breakfast sandwiches, and crepes. They also offer a delicious selection of hot or cold sandwiches for lunch. If you are thirsty, try one of their fruit smoothies or a fountain drink. For you caffiene lovers, they have espresso, mocha latte, and regular coffee.

Frosty Twist is all about being delicious and healthy, and has been since they started. Owner Hallaj Abdul Hasan strives to push the flavor boundaries of what people consider frozen yogurt to be, while staying all natural and good for you. When you visit the shop, you will be allowed to sample flavors before deciding on which one you want.

You control how much goes in your cup, and what toppings you want to put on it. There is no 3 scoop, 3 topping limit. Go nuts, or have nuts, or possibly crumbled brownies and cookie dough. It's your frozen yogurt, don't let anyone stop you from making it how you want.

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