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Newest DMBA member WalkAboutYoga (W.A.Y.) is two unique yoga experiences all in one place. W.A.Y. offers an outdoor yoga hike during the warm weather and essential oils and other waycool merch all year long!

About the WalkAbout:
Taking yoga outside and blending it with the cardio workout of a hike creates a well-rounded exercise that will leave you physically sated and spiritually gratified. Yoga enables the body to stretch and strengthen and the mind to become calm and at ease. Outdoor yoga frees the yoga spirit, and the open space expands and lifts the heart. The warmth of the sun deepens our poses, and the breeze reminds us to breathe. Nature connects us to our roots.

WalkAboutYoga is also a social adventure! During the hikes between yoga stops, participants can chit chat with friends or maybe meet someone new.

WalkAboutYoga hikes are lead by Traci Weber, a certified yoga instructor. Traci will keep the group moving, provide assists, and help you advance your yoga practice. Class size is limited to 15 participants to ensure a fun social atmosphere and to provide the attentiveness you need for the best possible experience.

Each WalkAboutYoga session is approximately 90 minutes in duration, exploring the beaches, woods and downtown areas of Milford, CT. Generally, there are stops for 15 minutes of yoga at three different locations that Traci has chosen in advance. But don't be surprised by the occasional spontaneous "stop and strike a pose" based on the random beauty encountered along the way!

No need to bring a mat~ W.A.Y. has special inspirational mats for your use. Just bring your love of yoga, nature and self. Oh, and water if you'd like!

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